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Over the weekend I went to a wedding.  It was a good wedding.  Nice, small, beautiful day, and good friends.  Can’t ask for much more than that right?  

Coming from a single parent family, I realized something fairly early in the evening that made me realize why I dread going to weddings.  There are certain things that I’d never have, and certain things I’d never know.  

Prior to the start of the reception, my table (all friends) were discussing weddings, and marriages, and their parents’ anniversaries, and such.  How such and such parents had been married for 30 years +, etc, and that their anniversary is on such and such day, and that it is a big celebration (or not, whatever…).  I kind of just sat there silently, because I really couldn’t comment.  My parents divorced before I could even see what married life was.  What it was all about.  What an anniversary was like.  I don’t know the day they were married, because it just wasn’t something we’d ever talk about, or dare bring up it seems.  

The second thing that happened was when the bride’s father spoke, and then followed by the father/daughter dance, which again, is probably something that will never happen.  I’m not close with my dad, nor do I want him to be that big of a part of my life.  He’ll never go speechless out of happiness and he doesn’t deserve to really have a role in my wedding.  

I guess that’s just a couple of the things I hate about weddings, the fact that they bring up things I never got, and never will get.  

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Well, I definitely started this vacation off with a cold.  Thanks Mr. person in the car who needed the AC while I was freezin’.  blah.

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Final Tower of Minas Tirith Sequence.

Responsible for All Aspects.

Programs used: Maya, Photoshop, Nuke, After Effects

Yes, Me. reblogging myself.  

Earthquake just happened in LA which of course means every hipster and out of stater is on Facebook talking about it causing my phone to go off. And the kid next door is crying and the sirens and wailing in the distance.

I’m apparently not going back to sleep. Good morning LA.

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